About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Nas. I’m a computer science major living and studying in Colorado. Where exactly? I’d prefer not to say. What I would like to say is that it is a great state to live in. It has done good by me, has helped me explore myself and what defines me. 

I have thrown myself into exploring what life has to offer. I love travel, adventures, exploring towns and cities. I love technology, and what it does for us on an international scale. I also love how it has improved lives.

My own is included in this. I suffer from a myriad of health conditions, which is what started me on cannabis. It has helped me manage my pain and alleviated other issues I experienced.

Since then, I haven’t stopped exploring things. Even with the world changed, I pursue a myriad of hobbies, taking up things like yoga and tai chi and exploring others. In between, I enjoy playing games and making art. 

I made this blog to share what I’ve learned on my journey. It is a strange collection, and so I wanted to give it all a strange name. So, I combined my name with the colloquial name of the main medication I take.

Or, I tried to. In my excitement, I hit the 2 key one too many times. But, the damage is done, and at this point I’m attached to the name.

So, that’s a little more about me. Hope you stick around!